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Cristina & Dash

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Hi there!


I'm Cristina Blackwell. I go by DashinMoments online. This was very inspired by my dog Dash and his ability to always be happy and in the moment.


I currently live in the Pacific Northwest. This hasn't always been my home. I was born in the dry heat of Arizona. When I turned 11 my father was retiring and we moved to the Philippines to be closer to my mother's family -- culture and climate shock number 1!

I loved growing up there. Although I did my best at socializing, I was and still am an introvert. I spent a lot of time on our farm alone with the animals, nature, and my creativity. It was where I felt at peace. My desire to help and care for people drove me to become an RN and have been for several years.

I grew up knowing I would come back to the US but that didn't make it any easier, very bittersweet. I moved to Oregon, alone, in 2013 -- culture and climate shock number 2!

Many moments big and small happened between then and now. I learned to stand on my own two feet, navigated the new environment *and seasons*, met and married my soulmate, and adopted an amazing pitbull boxer border collie mix. (at least that is what his DNA test says XD)

I am always up to something. Whether it is learning something new or honing in skills I already have all in a butterfly flying-like fashion. 


Welcome to my site where I record and share my moments about photography, art, gardening, indoor houseplants and anything else I come across.




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