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Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

I usually make new year's resolutions as a general guide but they rarely go as planned and by this point, I am not surprised.

Last year started off a little rough. An autonomic nervous system dysfunction of some sort seems to be a permanent thing. Basically, in short, my heart likes to beat faster than normal when I am standing and my blood pressure holds fairly well 9/10 times. I'm like a little hummingbird who has to eat a ton of salt, food, and way more water than I care to drink to help deal with symptoms. It does explain why I get tired easily. Not horrible but it ain't great. There are days I feel perfectly fine and then times not so much but in general, I do well. We planned the year before to buy a horse in July 2022. The problem I was dealing with made me wonder if I could handle a horse. Being able to stand and be physically fit is kind of a nice thing to have especially around horses and you know everyday life! I had to take a huge step back in everything and really figure out things. Seeing different doctors and various tests with not a lot of answers is annoying. Having a great PCP has helped a lot and she helped me navigate all this. I just have to know my physical limits and not push myself too much. I know I gripe a lot about Nursing, especially after covid, however, it is flexible enough that being able to go PRN works out.

I did not get to do as much art as I had hoped to but that is ok. That is what this year is for right? Haha we shall see. I did get to do a good bit of photography, just need to sit down and edit them.

As for the #horsegoal. We planned to get an adult horse however that went a different direction in May with Carbon. He has been such a jewel. He makes me work but is patient enough when I need a break. I am excited to work with him this year especially since his back legs are doing really well. I can't believe he is going to be 8 months soon! Dash is doing well and he has met Carbon a few times. Carbon had licked Carbon on the nose a few times and totally ok with Carbon. Carbon is a little unsure of him they seem to get along pretty well! We pulled off family pictures for 2022.

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