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Digital Art

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

I started out with Crayola crayons and paper. Good times. I discovered anime and Yuumei (an incredible digital artist, prepare your eyes, you may go blind!) later on and my style was heavily influenced. I got my first drawing tablet when I was in high school which made the anime fangirl in me scream. I did a lot of digital artwork and graphic manipulation/photo editing all the way through college during my free time which was almost nonexistent but I managed.

Digital Art

There are so many possibilities with digital art. You can create the look and feel of pretty much any medium. With different brushes and textures even adding elements from pictures can create a new dimension. You don't have to worry about running out of paper or paint. Just battery juice.

One major pro for digital art is *drum roll* the UNDO button. You will really come to appreciate it when you try to do something traditionally and make a mistake. Try to hit ctrl+z that doesn't exist. Regret. Maybe mourn a little. The undo button is not just something I use for "making mistakes evaporate" but sometimes I want to see "what would it look like if." Then I can quickly go back to its original state when I decide. Nah.

With digital art, you can basically have a travel size art studio. Everything you need is in your device. Storage space for all that artwork? They could all fit in your phone memory if you wanted. Less waste too. If you don't like what you started you can start anew and you didn't have to waste any paper! Want to make a copy? Just a few clicks and you can! The downsides?

Those devices and programs used to create digital art can get spendy. Now, there are free programs available like Krita or GIMP. I still love and use them to this day. Searching for good programs and inexpensive devices are worthwhile.

Another thing to think about is all your pieces of artwork are intangible files. You could easily lose them. I remember permanently deleting a file full of artwork (I was hungry, tired and confused. I mixed up which files were which when I was organizing so many... those were dark days...). These negative aspects can be countered with *coughs at younger self* backing up files whether on a cloud, external drive, flash drive, disc, floppy disc...did I just date myself? Printing is another option for making your artwork tangible. However, getting the texture of the traditional medium is always going to be little bit trickier. You could make a Giclée or Fine Art print of your artwork through a local custom printing company and embellish it with various mediums to give it a unique look. Digital art is a fun way to explore things fast while keeping things fairly neat, clean and organized because let's face it creativity can get a little messy regardless of medium.

Below are some old digital artworks from my old DeviantArt account: cintillate and one comic I made last year of our dog Dash doing what he does best.

Til next week!



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