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Book Review: Sticks and Stones

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Sticks and Stones is a dark/gothic romance by Angèle Gougeon.

Sandra Daron is not your typical character. "She knows what it is like to die." She has visions of the future. Unfortunately whoever she touches she sees their last moments. She tries to stop the moments from becoming a reality but it proves difficult. She makes her own definition of family when she meets the Sloans. Together they go through life knowing the end but now how to stop it.



This book is not my usual genre. I use to love romance, but the sparkly light-hearted ones where the main character (usually female) is pathetically helpless and everyone just helps her because she is so darn gosh "great". *whispers: though she can't stand on her own two damn feet if she ever had to*. This was a nice change.

Sandra has a pretty rough start in life and is surrounded by no one who really cares about anything. On top of that, she has the darkest and most painful fortune-telling skills. She gets to experience every premonition herself too. Yet despite all this darkness and pain she still tries to go full speed ahead to stop it sometimes on her own. If that is not resilience then what is? She is not always successful and this is not sparkly and light-hearted but it is fascinating. Her romantic encounters are odd for me personally. However, I think it stays true to her character and what she has been through, and her "coming of age" and dealing with all that was handed to her. I don't want to give away too much but this book was a good read. I really did not where it was going or how it was going to end.

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