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Carbon | Weaning Update

Carbon is 6 months old! Time flies fast! Carbon was not doing very well in the 12x12 stall. I don't blame him as not much to look at or do in there, especially for a young foal. He was very stressed out the first 15 mins after I went out of sight then he kind of would settle but just be in a corner and when I would come back to see him he would still be in that corner happy to see me but a little down. Yes, he probably would have adjusted in time but we decided it was best for him (mentally, emotionally, and physically) to have a bigger more open stall with a turnout (and an area outside so he can come and go as he pleases). He would be next to two older mares he could touch and interact with. Huge difference. He was not tense when I would leave him in there. He would say goodbye and watch me go but was so much more content and calm about it. Also, caught him pestering the ladies next door. I felt better when leaving him. He also did well with the mares leaving him alone when they would go out with other horses. There was no big turnout paddock available to him at the time. We also padded his stall floor and that was a bit of a workout. He did try to help...sort of? He did open 2 bags of gravel by pawing at them. Mostly he watched us do all the hard work. Also got him a blanket for the cold nights.

That tarp work we did with him really helped. He had zero problems with being blanketed. He loves his blanket as it keeps him warm. I take it off when we exercise and he always expects it to go back on afterward!

He settled very well and is such a happy boy. But despite all this effort and planning and luxury Mr. Carbuns likes to keep it interesting. I noticed his back left leg was clicking after he would run around which deserves a post of its own.

Till the next post.

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