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Clyde and Fiesty | Difficult Choices

I really enjoyed learning to barrel race. It was just a little different when it is not your horse. I wanted to ride the way I wanted to. I wanted to do other things which was hard because I could only ride other horses based on availability.

Frisky had her 2nd foal by this time and it was my share. I preferred they skipped my share and not breed her to give her a break but I had to stick to some traditions. I named the filly Fiesty. She was a sweet girl. I ended up keeping her at the farm until I could find a good home for her. Hidalgo, Frisky, and Fiesty got to spend some time together on the weekends I was able to gather them all.

Fiesty was a blend of Frisky and Hidalgo. She was very clever but also very easygoing. If I could have kept her I would have but my parents were anxious about the growing herd as they knew I wanted a horse I could do more riding on. Basically, my limit was 3. It was really hard but I did have 4 for a hot minute and that was really rough and I learned to put the horse's needs first and be realistic. I also had to see less of Frisky because she was so far away. Hidalgo was also in the process of getting a new home as where he used to be had less to pasture on.

I had another relative my mother introduced me to. If you haven't picked up on it by now my, Filipino family is very very big. He had a whole bunch of horses. I was like wait, what, you are just now telling me this!?

Every year he had this tradition where he would gather all these horses and their caretakers and have a celebration/blessing.

We were invited and it was neat seeing all the horses. He had native horses only which was fine and admirable. He did not like other breeds and was very proud of the native horses. Which you can't deny are very wonderful horses indeed.

I spied with my little eye a cremello horse. He was for sale and He was a decent size. Not as big as the mare I practiced barrel racing on but a good size for me. Now the thing was, he was a stallion. I think I was a bit overconfident in myself taking on another stallion and a little impatient in choosing my next horse. Of course, I was not planning to keep Hidalgo and Clyde together. That would definitely not work out however I thought I could manage, and I did, it just wasn't easy at times.

I know a lot of people are worried about stallions and foals. Hidalgo never showed aggression to any of his foals or others. Most stallions don't except the ones who have been isolated most of their lives I think this increases the chances of aggressive behavior. I was a bit wary of Clyde and Fiesty since they were both complete strangers. She was about a year old and this was temporary as Clyde was going to be moved to the stables in the city while Fiesty would go to a cousin who wanted a female horse. I introduced them slowly. Clyde was really good with other horses and he was very calm. Fiesty was wary of Clyde at first but they became very close once they got used to each other and enjoyed each other's company. No thrashing or squealing like Hidalgo and Frisky. I think since they were both easygoing in nature they just kind of drifted closer and closer.

Clyde was a very sweet horse. Incredibly hard to keep clean. He loved to roll in mud which none of my other horses ever did. I learned he liked to find my slippers if I left them outside. He would pick them up and carry them around. (Ok weirdo) It would turn into a game of tug of war trying to get my slippers back. Similar to Hidalgo he was fearless and easygoing. I rode him with and without a bit around the farm. He could be a little pushy but he was pretty responsive to being told no. Soon my cousin took Fiesty to another barangay/town. She wasn't alone there were other horses for her to make friends with some were her age as well. Clyde was moved to the city where I could start riding him and trying out barrel racing.

Short video of him finding my slippers.

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