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Desensitizing | Carbon and The Umbrella

Can't believe Carbon is almost 9 months! We have accomplished a lot in these past months. We started out with a tarp when he was still with his mother around 3 months. I plan to put those videos together as I think playing and working with the tarp set us up for success in a lot of other areas including this example. Here the umbrella was not a huge deal. He is pretty brave but can react just out of instinct. However, he does so well facing his fears.

With new things, he tends to want to bite and then shake or play with it so you can see me discouraging him from trying to bite the umbrella. Normally I don't mind him biting to explore but he would definitely break it if given a chance. Luckily he listened and did not go after it too much. I am particularly proud because I made him do all this while his friends were heading out to turnout. All the horses are excited and waiting their turn to go out, neighing to each other in the background. He stayed with me and was pretty darn focused which is a lot for his age. He also has a shout-out to the kitten crossing in the video.

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