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Empty Nest

It finally happened. The little birds have grown up, way too fast, and are now somewhere out there. I'm sure they are not that far as the parents keep coming back because I diligently refill the picnic table with birdseed. I discovered the nest on June 29, 2021. Then found out they hatched on July 10. July 18 to 19 we noticed one or two birds would not be in the next but they came back. July 20 the nest stayed empty. :')

We did see the parents kicking the babies out of the nest on our cameras. They flew and hopped around in different directions. Driving in the morning is scary though as I just always worried they were on the pavement. So far no pancake birds to be seen. So if you find a fledgling and an empty nest. Don't return it as it will just be kicked out again. Who wants to experience that twice.

Right now I have a new regular. It is a dove that just sits there next to the birdseed especially when it is empty as if to remind me...I wonder if it has a nest nearby.

I am not sure what to do with the nest. I am leaving it untouched for now. I read that juncos do not reuse nests and it is definitely worn down a bit.

It has been super fun watching them grow and I am sad our nest is empty. It is amazing how it seemed they went from mini plucked chickens made mostly of closed eyeballs to feathered birds overnight.

Empty Dark-eyed Junco nest in middle of marigolds
Empty Dark-eyed Junco nest
2 baby dark-eyed juncos in their nest
Junco Fledglings


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