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Beat Saber | Gaming | VR

We have had our Oculus Quest 2s for a while now. They are a bit of a lifesaver in the winter. I do not like being outdoors as it was way too cold for me. VR is surprisingly physical and pretty good exercise. If you love music while being challenged and getting some exercise, Beat Saber is something to try out! It is a single and multiplayer VR rhythm game. It has a pretty good library with a lot of popular songs for various artists. I also think it is a good starter game for VR since you are stationary and things come at you versus you moving around which can make you a bit nauseous or dizzy when you are just getting into Virtual Reality games. They have a nice campaign mode you might want to start off with to learn the basics and get used to the different modes. The visuals/lights in single-player mode are pretty neat. Multiplayer is a bit bare visually but all the more to focus on you hitting things and the competition. I am fairly good at the level set on hard and the song sped up but sometimes I just like the song on normal speed. Expert involves a lot more swinging and let's just say I am known for being a "restless slicer" or having "jazz hands". My husband is way better than me. (I hate to admit)

If you have pets be careful to try to introduce them to your lack of awareness. Our dog Dash is pretty smart. He figured out quickly I am as blind as a bat with the headset on and he keeps his distance. Sometimes I will give him a peanut butter kong so he is also entertained whilst I look like a flailing madwoman if that is not entertaining enough for him. Excuse my excessive head movement. I do tend to get into this game a little too much at times haha. There is a link to the single-player mode video I made a while back here.

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