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Happy Thanksgiving!

I have had multiple people in the US ask me how we celebrate Thanksgiving in the Philippines. I say "We don't." and just wait for the look of confusion and sometimes horror to take over their face. The Philippines and the US, although have been tied together in history, they don't share the same history and a lot of people forget that. Christmas starts in September over there. No, I am not kidding and yes it was awesome.

Many countries have their own kind of thanksgiving for various reasons on different days. The main thing is just being grateful and thankful.

I think that this is my focus and new meaning for this holiday. Not what I was taught in school the Pilgrims and the Native Americans gathered around having a good old time and it stayed that way from the way it was presented to us as kids. We all know how history went and how short-lived those times were for some people. And later on, I learned more about history in general and I was thinking. Yikes.

I still celebrate it but I think everyone can agree it is more about being thankful and sharing that time with friends and family. My husband and I made our own tradition of making cornish hens. One for him and one for me. Dash is allergic to chicken and beef so he usually gets a piece of lamb or pork to himself. We go and see our families and friends. It has been harder since 2020 but we make the best of it.

And let us not forget it is National American Indian Heritage Month and the day after Thanksgiving is Native American Heritage Day!

I am thankful for a lot of things this year and I hope everyone has a good one. :)




Angele Gougeon
Angele Gougeon
Nov 25, 2021

I completely agree. What I find hilarious is when Americans find out Canadian Thanksgiving is in October, and that we're mostly celebrating good harvests (or, at least, that's how it started out). But by god do we hear about American thanksgiving a lot up here. Never mind how the whole world seems to be taken over by Black Friday deals and so on. Ha! At least we get a bit longer of a break between out overly large family meals in the North.

I hope you enjoy your cornish hens (and Dash his pork or lamb)! Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 29, 2021
Replying to

Yes, I will not complain about any days off. I didn't know yours was in October? Ah yes Black Friday. I still forget about it even with all the reminders. I almost forgot about Cyber Monday. I am glad for online shopping in these moments. I wouldn't last long doing it in person. XD

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