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I don't remember exactly how/why it happened. I remember wanting the little colt but not asking for him? My uncle also mentioned he was going to sell him so I didn't want to get too attached so Frisky didn't really see much of him either like Freedom did.

I think everyone realized Frisky would be too small for me to ride. My parents got the colt that Freedom use to play with who I named Hidalgo, after the movie which was released the year he was born. Hidalgo was still small by horse standards. Most "native" Philippine horses are more the size of a pony. However, he was big enough for me throughout my high school years. Having Frisky and Hidalgo sounded like a great idea. Frisky wouldn't be alone. I would have a bigger stronger horse that I already knew with an amazing personality. I think he was almost 2 when we got him. Plus the dry seasons were rough on the pasture so Frisky and Hidalgo were going to be cared for by a relative who had pastures as well. They would have 2 workhorses during the week and have every other Frisky's foal and I would get them during the weekend and summers.

He was such an easy-going personality, I can't say that enough. This was a good and bad thing I came to realize. He could be very very lazy and very VERY stubborn. When he was really small I use to pick him up and carry him and not batt an eye. Haha maybe that is why he was ok with carrying me when he was older. Sometimes he was too easygoing for his own good. Here is a picture of him where he was not allowed to be. He would make it into our porch. The problem is the concrete surface was too smooth and waxed so he could slip. Frisky ( the smarter and more skeptical one) knew this and never went in there. I blocked off the entrance but he found he could just step over it. I made it higher. Challenge accepted, he found other ways in. I would always make him get out. One day he made it in and fell asleep and lost his balance and almost fell. Finally, he understood why we didn't want him in there and he stopped going in. For the most part. He also made it into the kitchen of our house one time. That was fun getting him out I had to literally push him out from behind once I finally got him turned around without slipping. Luckily my parents were not home so they didn't know about this event. You heard it first here! He put his head in the door before it closed and followed me in. Whoops.

It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows of course. I had to learn new skills and deal with a new dynamic. Training and caring for two horses with very different personalities at the same time.

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