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Intermittent Upward Fixation of The Patella | Update

Back in November, I noticed Carbon was off in his back left leg. Had a vet come out and turned out he has Intermittent Upward Fixation of The Patella. Now he is almost 10 months old and has improved so much. In my first post, he did get worse before getting better. He also had random moments where it would come back slightly in one leg or the other but it didn't stop him from moving or make him sore. The clicking is pretty much gone. He seems to get a little stiff if the weather is very cold. It snowed here end of February and that was probably the worst he had in a while, it was just a little stiffness that went away after moving a few steps.

He has been moving really well and has had no problems before, after, or during his antics so I am very pleased. Wish I could say I got fitter but in reality, I am just a bit more tired haha. I have him play with his half brothers who are colts around his age a couple of times a week for 30 mins to an hour. I also do the groundwork with him almost daily. I aim for 20 min of activity. Yielding, walking/trotting in hand, and backing but keeping lungeing to a minimum, I make him do 5 laps (mixed walk trot canter) each way and call it good. Then I bring out his ball or I run around the arena which consists of me just running in small circles in bursts while he tears around the entire arena showing off how much more athletic he is compared to me.


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