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Our Hummingbird Nest

I like how I say "our" hummingbird nest when we had nothing to do with the building of it but I feel the need to protect and watch over it.

It has been a little dream of mine to see a hummingbird nest and I got way more than that.

Before I could even think of having a hummingbird nest I needed to attract some hummingbirds to my yard. Once I established that I think that increased my chance of having one choose a nearby tree for a nest.

We have a Japanese maple in the front our house that was chosen. It is a deciduous tree which is the type hummingbirds like to use for nest. She picked a nice fork in the branches fairly high up. I have had the pleasure of watching it everyday as write my posts and work on other projects. The nest is made out of spider silk from webs ( webs I decided to leave alone in our back yard I hope) and some twigs and moss. I notice it has stretched out since the babies have grown.

She feeds them very frequently throughout the day. We (Pretty much my husband) discovered the nest March 11 where the mother was just sitting on the nest most of the time and no sight of little ones. It is now April 14 as I write this and they are pretty much the size of their mother and testing out flying. Well one is. The other is sitting there watching the other one flap his wings: here Looks like not much room left in that nest.

Added: On April 15 both birds are out of the nest. I was also able to get a lovely video here of one of the babies and mother together.

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