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Trevor's Origami Crane Walk-through

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Trevor walks me through making an origami crane! Trevor is a dear friend and fellow gamer in League of Legends. We have had good times...and bad times (in game) so we are pretty use to each others shenanigans. I want to thank him for teaching me the ways of the paper. Though I think I did an amazing thank you at the end of the video. Origami is not as hard as I thought...but still hard haha. If it is not obvious. My paper folding skills are, well, mediocre. Trevor does such a good job explaining and it was easy to follow along. Had so much fun making our little zoo of animals that day. I will say as a beginner. Just don't care too much. If those lines don't align.

It. is. ok.

That is what I kept saying to myself.

Go forth and create!


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