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The Horses

A little bit about all my personal horses who taught me so much over the years ♡



The Beginning 

My first horse when I was 12 years old. Shy, quiet, and calm. Heart of gold. She did enjoy running by my side around the farm. Learned very basics of horse care with her. 


Born Bombproof

Knew him since he was born. The most easy-going guy I have ever met. He was born bombproof thank goodness for my sake. Learned so much from him. Stubborn, steady, and kind.



Small but Mighty

Technically my 2nd horse. Very distrusting, careful, and smart. She always thought things through and was a very loving horse despite her perma-pinned ears. She gave me a lot of confidence and taught me a lot about feel and timing



Extremely brave and confident to a flaw. A kind horse who loved trail rides more than anything. Hated anything that was not a mare. Very gentle but a challenge to handle around other stallions. He taught me important lessons about leadership



The Friendlier Version of Frisky

Frisky's 3rd foal and the only foal that was mine. I did end up giving her to a relative who needed a horse. While she was with me she had her mother's brain and father's temperament. Such a sweet bright horse. Very curious who would get into everything. 


My Partner in Crime

Everything I needed in a horse Sahara had it. We were best friends. Sassy and spicy. She was pretty athletic and competitive. That girl loves pretty much any kind of fruit, I always had to share. Very smart, outgoing, and loving. 

Quarter Horse Arabian Native Baguio Pony cross

Carbon Night

The Baby

He is a playful and stubborn soul we love so much. We have enjoyed watching and growing with him from day one. He is a yearling and has a great attention span and curious nature that I have to constantly think of new things we can do that are age appropriate.

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