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What to learn more about horses and have a deeper connection with them?

Whether you have never been around horses or just want to learn something new. Safety and having fun is my priority. The journey teaches you a lot about the destination.

 Groundwork | 1 hour | Lesson Horse | 65.00

 Groundwork | 1 hour | Haul-In Your Horse | 55.00

Groundwork is often overlooked. Learning and creating a language you and your horse understand opens the doors to achieving a higher level of communication, trust, and a deeper relationship. You will be surprised how this transfers over to riding.

 Riding | 1 hour | Lesson Horse | 65.00

 Riding | 1 hour | Haul-In Your Horse | 55.00

I ride both English and Western. Currently offering beginner and intermediate western riding on a lesson horse. Rider will be responsible for grooming and tacking up the horse which is part of the 1 hour and an important part of horsemanship, I will be there of course for beginners but the goal is for the rider to be proficient and independent. Rider will also will be responsible for post ride care of the horse.

Feel free to contact me to discuss your riding goals.

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