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I set out with my main goal this past year to blog more. Simple as that. I aimed for a blog post a month at least. I was able to do way more than that. It has been fun writing posts and really nice looking back on the year.

Looking Back on 2021:

Last year I wrote: " I did a lot of weeding, both in the metaphorical and literal sense. My garden is neat and my friend lists, followers, etc. kept to a minimum."

I am really glad I did that. My garden is still ok. I mean it is winter so its is as good as it is going to get. Socially and personally this approach really cut down on noise and negatitivty. I did a bit more throughout the year and will continue to do so. I also put up the forum back up to see what would happen there.

Moving forward in 2022

Last year way not that bad but boy was there a lot of negativity. Negative events, outlooks and people. Some new, some same old same old. Holy cow! It was getting a little ridiculous. I mean even Imagine Dragons came out with a song in 2021 " No Time for Toxic People". Haha, I chuckle as I love this song.

I made a playlist of songs: Resilience, that I find uplifting, about bounderies and have a positive message. It is constantly changing. I listen to this playlist a lot especially when I work on art or photos unless I am making a specific art piece to a song that I find beautiful.

This year I have a few more goals I am setting and am excited to see how this year unfolds.

Happy New Year!



Happy New Year Cristina, hope this coming year has a lot less negativity and that you reach a few more goals 😀

Jan 01, 2022
Replying to

Thanks Elaine! Ihope you had a good new year's eve!

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