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Crocus & Hyacinth | Plants of the Month

Love how this post is bringing in Spring. I love tulips and a few birthdays ago I decided to give a gift from me to me. I was born in Arizona and grew up in the Philippines. I know heat. Heat is my thing. Oregon summers are amazing! This winter thing. I could do without but meh, I will survive.

When I was looking for tulip bulbs I found a box of crocus hyacinth mix. They looked really pretty. I bought both and read that the best time to plant them is from October to November. On my birthday in October, I planted them. Just dug a row 3-4 inches deep. Plopped the bulbs down with the pointy side up, covered them up, and watered them. Didn't do much after that. Crocuses come out early. Here is the gift. They tell me: Cristina, winter is ending and spring is on its way! Don't lose hope! Bright colors, pretty flowers hummingbirds, and warmer weather from here on out. Usually but Oregon likes to psyche us out a few times first. The neat thing is the crocuses are the first to bloom followed by the hyacinths (which smell incredible by the way) then followed up with the tulips. This means I have a continuous bloom throughout spring. They come back year after year and multiply so I have way more than I did last year.

So for anyone who is like me who misses summer and needs a literal sign that spring is here plant those bulbs!

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