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Desert Rose (Adenium Obesum) | HousePlant of the Month

Saw this tiny familiar plant at a local plant shop. My parents have a desert rose just outside of our front door entrance. It is pretty old (maybe I should not say that as it is younger than me) and from what I remember very slow-growing. At least it said it was tricolor we shall see when/if it blooms. The one I got is super tiny and cute. The lady at the shop told me it could stay in this pot for a year. I have had it for a month now and it has one leaf yellowing but two new healthy leaves have grown in so I am not too concerned. With this tiny pot, I find it hard to tell if I am over or under-watering since I can't just stick my finger in the soil and tell if it is moist or not. I think in this case overwatering is more likely.

Desert Roses are succulent native to Asia, Africa, and Tanzania. This plant seems to be great for bonsai. Which I will have to read up on, another skill I will have to learn.

In the Philippines, it was kept outside all the time undercover. It rains a lot in the Philippines so being undercover it didn't get soaked every day but got some amount of moisture plus watering in the hot dry season. Temperature-wise the plant does just fine over there.

Here in the Pacific Northwest. Eh, it likes to be indoors for most of the year. I can relate. This is a full sun plant so it is under my brightest grow light. The plant should be brought in when temperatures reach 55 °F and watered less. Note: the sap is toxic to humans. I have kept my mine indoors the whole time I have had it just to adjust to moving and repotting. Next year I will put it outdoors in the summer. A lot of tropical plants do like PNW summers.

So far I am saying this plant is pretty low maintenance. It doesn't need a lot of fertilizer or watering.

Desert Rose in small black ceramic pot
Desert Rose in Small Pot

Desert Rose (Adenium Obesum)

Water Requirements: Medium (Allow to dry between waterings)

Light Requirements: Full Sun

Ideal Temp: Warm above 55F

Soil: cactus/succulent

Difficulty: Easy



"Adenium obesum." The North Carolina Extension Gardener Plant Toolbox, Accessed 27 Sep. 2021.

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We may be older than the Desert Rose plant, but at least we've stopped growing :P

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There is always room for growth in one's life....ok that is just too much cheese.😂

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