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Book Review: The Only Pirate at the Party

"The Only Pirate at the Party" is an energetic and light-hearted autobiography/Memoir by Lindsey Stirling and Brooke S. Passey

Lindsey Stirling shares with us how she pursues her passion and creates an unconventional path. Despite being voted off America's Got Talent she became very well known and had many fans all over the world. I believe one of the judges said something along the lines that her show was not sustainable it seemed a bit like a one-trick pony. I just checked her youtube and she is at 13.3 million subscribers. In this book, she shares stories from her childhood and the moments that she experienced on her path to being a world-class entertainer.


My Thoughts and ramblings about this book

I love her sense of humor as she tells us her story. I read this book a while back and it was very entertaining and heartfelt. I remember liking classical music dubstep ever since. I found her YoutTube video: Elements. It was classical music and dubstep! At the same time. T.T I also notices she showed interest in Lord of the Rings and the Legend of Zelda. I definitely enjoyed her music and her songs are very inspiring.

Her story isn't all unicorns and rainbows. I had heard and seen the video of her being voted off. I thought that was sad however after reading her book she really talks about perseverance in the face of people who do not believe in or support one's passions or dreams. She shared her personal struggles with anorexia and multiple rejections from talent scouts and whatnot. I think one of the struggles that struck me most was her being a member of The Church of Jesus of Latter-day Saints. I didn't know much about that church or that she was a member. I have met a few people on their mission and they always are polite and kind. I may not believe in their message or ways but haven't had that trouble getting that across in a respectful manner. She was spat at, cussed out, and ignored. That must have been really hard. Not to mention unnecessary. She always focused on the bright side and kept being herself. She found people who supported her and people who enjoyed her music and personality found her. Staying true to yourself is the best thing you can do because you will find the right people is my main takeaway from this book.


Angele Gougeon
Angele Gougeon
May 14, 2022

Sounds interesting. As someone who loves biographies, I'll have to add this one to my list, too! What number is my book list at now? Ahhhh!

May 18, 2022
Replying to

Haha yeah I have a similar problem. There is one book I am still reading and it is really hard to get through and it is not helping me get through my list any better!

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