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Book Review: This Particular Happiness

My husband is into books. Like any good wife I point out book stores and we go in to encourage his hobby. Has nothing to do with my search and addiction to pretty notebooks which can usually be found in similar settings. *clears throat* ;)

We went to a small local bookshop. I noticed they had a nice section dedicated to authors from Oregon. The title of the book " This Particular Happiness" by Jackie Shannon Hollis caught my eye along with its blue-dominated sunset gradient colors. I pulled it from the shelf and chuckled.

"A Childless Love Story"

Now, I was just downright curious.

As a woman of childbearing age, I definitely feel at "a crossroads" sometimes. A lot of my peers are feeling the same way. I am always open to people's experiences and hopefully learning from them or get a deeper understanding of something in some way.

This book was a lovely read. Maybe a bit infuriating and headbanging at times for me personally. I might have gotten so upset I wanted to toss the book but didn't in hopes for an ending that would ease the tension. It is a nice honest memoir and a refreshing perspective. No matter which way you are leaning I think there is something to be taken from this story.



This story is about Jackie who finds herself wanting a baby. One day she is hit by a strong longing for a child of her own. However, she is surrounded by those who have what she longs for but are unable to have herself. She is in a relationship with someone who does not want to have children. Out of respect and love, they go down the childless path but it is not without struggle or pain/hurt. The journey of their particular happiness is rough but not by any means wrong or regretful but a calm sense of bittersweet peace and acceptance of what is.


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